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CAPS Peer Education

Who We Are:

CAPS Peer Educators are student advocates with specialized knowledge to promote and support educational, personal and social well-being within the TCNJ community.

For a list of our current Peer Educators, click the following link: CAPS PE list 2016-17

Join us on Facebook to hear about our upcoming events! If you would like to see what the CAPS Peer Educators have been up to this year, check out our gallery!

What We Do:

  • Act as liaisons between CAPS and the TCNJ student community
  • Gather information to assess the mental health and wellness needs of the TCNJ student community
  • Provide information, support, and referrals
  • Offer workshops and programs to groups of students, such as residential communities, Greek organizations, athletic teams, student organizations, and academic classes on wellness topics (reference our workshop menu below)
  • Design, organize, and implement campus-wide programs to raise awareness about mental health and wellness, such as:
    • Welcome Week and LakeFest programs
    • First Year Experience Programs: Homesickness and adjustment to college, roommate issues and conflict management, healthy eating and sleep habits, and transitioning into sophomore year
    • Finals Fest Program: Stress relief, time management, and relaxation techniques
    • Mental Health Awareness Month (October): Mental Health Screening Day, Stigmonologues, and Film Screening
    • Eating Disorders Awareness Month (February): Speaker Presentation and Film Screening
  • Check out the video that our CAPS PEs made to learn more about our program: CAPS PE Video

Workshop Menu:

  • Stress Busters – Interactive workshop about your sources of stress, stress symptoms, and ways of managing your stress. Will demonstrate various relaxation strategies. Can also include a discussion about test anxiety and performance anxiety.
  • Time Out – Assess your current time management skills and discuss additional strategies for making your time use more effective
  • More Than Just the Blues – Discuss how clinical depression is different from just feeling “the blues.” Can include a discussion about suicide prevention. Also, learn about counseling resources on and off campus.
  • Who Needs Sleep in College Anyway – Discuss the effects of sleep (or lack of sleep) on your physical, mental and psychological health. Learn some ways to manage sleep difficulties.
  • Love the Body You’re In – Address issues of mindful eating, positive body image and moderate exercise for a healthy body and healthy mind.  Can include information about signs and symptoms of eating disorders and treatment options.
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Tools for Conflict Management – Conflict is natural and can be an opportunity for growth.  Understand your conflict style and learn helpful tools for managing conflicts.

To request a program:

  • If you would like to request one of the above programs from the CAPS Peer Educators or discuss the option of having a more tailored program to meet your needs, please complete an on-line program request form. NOTE: Requests need to be submitted at least 2-3 weeks in advance of the proposed program. (The last date to submit your program request form for Fall semester is November 15th and for Spring semester is April 10th).
  • Follow up with Robbin Loonan, MA, DVS, LPC at (609) 771-2247 or, if you do not hear from a CAPS Peer Educator within a week of submitting your request.

Some topic areas we cover:

  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Time management
  • Healthy sleep habits
  • Healthy eating and positive body image
  • Communication skills and conflict management
  • Helping others in distress
  • Managing depression / suicide prevention
  • Healthy self-esteem

If you’re interested in becoming a CAPS Peer Educator, click here.